One-Line Bio

I'm a francophile who teaches French language and culture.


I am a teacher who shares my love for France and the French with students in class and on-site when possible. Some of the things I love most about France are its romanesque and gothic cathedrals, its artisanal raw-milk cheeses, the poetry of Baudelaire, their passion for a humane and civil Democracy and the support for the arts and cultural heritage that are apparent everywhere. OK, there are some things I don't care so much for: the force-feeding of geese to produce foie gras, the idea that it's OK to break in line, and the stubborn obtuseness of many bureaucrats. However, on the whole, my association with France has instilled in me an abiding appreciation for the life of the mind and for the best that life has to offer. As a student I had the opportunity to spend a summer in Rouen, France on a study abroad program and--forgive the cliche--I fell in love. That's why this blog exists.


travel, literature, volunteering, movies, the arts, philosophy, the 19th century, cats, running, mountain-climbing, animal welfare, and of course--France