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I read about this blog on FLTEACH. Years ago, while a graduate student in French literature at the University of Pittsburgh, I wrote a paper on anti-American sentiment in the works of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. I did mention in that paper the "feminization" of France, contrasted to the macho image of America (in fact, I did note, among others, the image of a manly America, trying to give pleasure to a female France -- via the consumption of American-made goods, for example.)

Thanks for this site, I will come back regularly. I am a French native who has lived in this country for 30 years.


The only reasion I watch the Fox at all is because some of the programes are fun to watch. If I could get the few shows I like on Fox put on another network, I wouldn't watch Fox at all. Hmmm.... time for cable.

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