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I expect these kinds of attitudes from high school students who don't know any better, but on the national news? What a pain, you're completely right. Especially since the French view being a waiter as a very respectable career -- at least much more than we do here in the states.


I totally agree. Hasn't this sort of commentary played itself out yet?


What would you care what Tucker thinks, he's been ridiculed months ago already:




And yet, MSNBC still pays him to (lamely) pander to francophobes.


Loved the link to the transcript, Jake. Jon Stewart did a superb job of skewering Tucker Carlson for partisanship on "Crossfire". My rant was more in response to his monoculturalism. (Some would say the two are linked.)


If Tucker cannot hold fire to the feet of politicians on both sides and feels that Crossfire should be comparable to a comedy show, why would you expect him to do a better job when he is pandering to anti-french sentiment largely developed by right wingers. He is just a talking heads, but don't worry he is laughing all the way to the bank.


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