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Do you have a sense of how much the Quebecois still identify with their Breton heritage? I spent a majority of my time in France in Rennes, and la Bretagne is my favorite region of all. Les Bretons are the most independent of all the French, I think, and have worked very hard to maintain their Celtic identity and language while being a part of France. I wonder if the Quebecois fierceness to maintain their identity is primarily because they're Breton and they have an independent streak that won't quit.


What a small world. My fiance is from Trois-Rivieres as well. It seems I see these qualities in him as well "Like a European, she was stylish, cultured, and curious about the world. Her wool coats and scarves were chic enough to make one actually welcome bitterly cold winter weather." Not sure if it's coincidence or how they grew up in Trois-Rivieres, but I'm glad I've got a pretty chic man.

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