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I especially like the occasional pornographic carvings that these artisans sneaked in, usually in some out of the way corner, probably just to entertain themselves.


Yes there are occasionally a few naughty ones. Do you have any examples in mind? Fodder for a future post . . .


I guess one of the benefits of the 11th century village I live in having stayed small and unnoticed is that these things are preserved here. The cathedral and château are in walking distance of my house, and cause me wonder each time I visit them.


Sammy--that must be a really cool aspect of living where you live. I kinda jealous.

In a rustic country church in a tiny village in the Pyrenees I saw a carved capital near the altar showing a man and a woman going at it, doggy style. The image is burned into my memory, but not the name of the village.


I have been trying to identify your little church in the Pyrenees. Didn't figure it out, but there are more obscene church sculptures in France than I had ever imagined. And I also found out more about WHY this is the case. Stay tuned . . .


Not that I do not check your blog everyday, Jean, but now I do have a really juicy purpose to do so!


La basilique de Vezelay est superbe. Do you know what happens there on equinoxes ?


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