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With me, it's a quasi permanent schizophrenia (no offense, I hope, to those who are truly affected by this very serious mental illness): I miss France terribly when in the U.S., and I do miss part of what I like about the U.S. when I am in France (I have to say that that part has been shrinking badly over the past few years...). So, yes, your post did resonate with me.

Francaise de Coeur

Sorry to be so late to comment here, but I just had to say: No, sorry, noix de coco is the best!


I have not yet tried noix de coco. Next time I'll check it out. I've been stuck on caramel . . . Thanks for the recommendation.

Francaise de Coeur

Actually (she sheepishly admits), I haven't tried the caramel, as I've been stuck on the noix de coco...

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