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Canada is high on my list of "I totally want to go there" places. Nice post, sounds amazing.

Francaise de Coeur

I, too, often wonder if the French realize what the Quebeckers go through to remain true to their cultural roots...I'm not sure that they do.

I only recently discovered your fabulous blog; I hope you don't mind that I've linked it to mine?


Anne, if you make it there, you won't be disappointed. Francaise de Coeur, link away! As you can see, I already took the liberty of blogrolling you. Thanks for your kind words. I think that the French generally have positive feelings towards Quebec, but that some see them as distant relatives who have a funny accent, if they think of them at all. It's ironic because Quebeckers (and Canadians in general) tend to have a pretty European worldview, even though they are separated geographically.

Francaise de Coeur

Your observations match mine; the French adore Quebec in general (and Montreal in particular), but are so busy being "French" themselves that they don't spend much time thinking of what's going on over there unless they are planning a Canadian vacation.

And they definitely don't seem to bother so much with the insistence on "all things French", as the Quebeckers often do. I so rarely see the French use the Canadian "courriel", for example - the population in general over here is content to use the Anglo version of so many things, even if the Academie despises it!

I love watching French films in which there is a French actor portraying a French-speaking Canadian (or Belgian!) - the telephone conversation between Villeret and Francis Huster in "Le Diner de Cons" cracks me up every time.

P.S. One thing that drives my friend Helen absolutely NUTS over here (she has Greek ancestry, but was born and raised in Toronto) is that the French often call her "American", even when they know she is from Canada! Sure, it's North America and all...but she is decidedly NOT happy to lumped with us by the French.


Quebec is definitely high on my list of places to visit. I do hope to make it there next summer!


Have you been to Quebec City? Such a beautiful old walled city and lovely crepes and fondue restaurants too.


F de C,
It IS very different north of the border. They are more attached to their European heritage(s). I can understand the reluctance to be slapped with a generic label.

I love Quebec City and would like to spend more time there some day.


Jean - I love your blog. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my links too. It's of interest to me since I've lived in France and Switzerland and love culture and speak a bit of French. I tutor in French so I like to keep up on things any way possible. I'm now marrying a french canadian (known to many as Frogs) and want to explore more of Quebec. Since we both live here in Vancouver, it's quite hard to go visit. I've always been interested in learning more and hope maybe this next summer I will finally get a chance.


thank you for taking the time to learn about quebec culture and talking about it on your blog. Its really nice that you realize that those people have been and still are fighting to keep their culture and their language alive. I hope french people recognize that the quebecers are great defensers of their common language. thank you


I will be traveling to Quebec in the summer. Any suggestions on the best way to study the language?


Le francais quebecois comes from the french of l'Ancien Regime, prior to the French Revolution. The standardized international French is more closely related to the post-revolutionary Parisien. In Canada, Canadian French is the standardized version of French (used in politics, formal written documents, the news, etc), whereas quebecois vernacular is spoken, used in television shows, music, local literature and even some newspapers. There is also Acadian French, predominantly spoken in the Canadian Maritimes by a smaller population.
I have only been living in Montreal for the last 3 or so years, but I have noticed two very interesting and distinct things about the area since living here. Much of the Quebec-born population in Montreal (allophone, anglophone and francophone) seem entirely disenchanted with their French cousins. Their national identity is sovereign, from Canada and from France.
The other observation is that as a whole, Quebec has placed the advancement/perpetuation of the arts and culture almost higher than their economy. It can be marvelous and frustrating at the same time here when one is used to such a money-driven society as the rest of North America. The Quebec government protects and upholds many artisanal industries (such as beer, bread, cabinet, cheese or guitar making) with free training, and various other funds and campaigns.
Thank you for the lovely post about Quebec!


Madame, I cannot thank you enough for the place you have granted us on your web-site. As a francophone, I consider myself québécois above all else, and certainly not canadian, due to their constant dirty tricks, and cheats, our rather very conflictic history, and many other things. Lets not forget that the federalist have cheated their ways in order to stay with Canada in 1995, this includes the recent option-canada scandal(a rather obscure organization who overfunded the 'no' camp for over 10 milliosn it seem's on of of now proven 500000$ to the illegal rally of the canadians 'love-in' manifeastation) and the ads-scandal as well. I myself, studies in politics and wishes to go in the political world to try and wins this french-state we've tried to build for so long now! Merci beaucoup madame!

A proud francophone that will never stops the fight for the french-language and the freedom that we deserves more then ever!

Vive la France,
vive la république,
vive le Québec,


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