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1) Coco Chanel
2) Christian Dior
3) Givenchy
4) Yves St Laurent(Inherited Diors fashion house in the sixties)
I would also look at how these major fashion houses now have non french designers
- Tom Ford for YSL
- John Galliano for Dior
- Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel
OOOh, this sounds interesting, can I come?


Anne basically posted what I would have posted, but would add Poiret who, I believe, started it all. This course sounds great, that's for sure!



Michele chooses the same five.

And I'm a Vogue junkie, or at least I used to be. I wanna come too!


1) Christian Lacroix
2) Coco Chanel
3) Christian Dior
4) Louis Vuitton
5) YSL

Have fun! This course sounds AMAZING!!


Oops....please replace number five with Jean Paul Gaultier. :0)

Richard Chong

I will be viewing the Balenciaga exhibition inconjunction with the Louvre Museum this mid-September. I will be able to mention the most impresive French apparel designer/s then :-))

I do not know where in Paris but I would hope to meet French designers (at least two) at their couture studios to view their next new collections:-))

Bellingham Hot Tub

Hmmm.. interesting thoughts and ideas you've shared. Please keep on sharing! I'll be back to see and read some of your post soon. :)

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