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Thanks for letting me know about this one. I might actually find my way to a television for the show.

Go Superfrenchie, go!


Superfrenchie's blog is hopping. He was flooded by so many uncivil and irrational posts from fuckfrance.com in the last two days that he finally made the decision to ban them. A mon avis, he rightly opted for quality over quantity.


make sure that you blog about it, I am in paris, I have no way of seeing it!

Francaise de Coeur

I wasn't sure if you would have time to check his blog again, but his appearance has been moved to next Wednesday where he will have slightly more time.

I agree with you. The trolls were not open to rational discussion at all, and thus dragged everything else down into the mud. SF gave them ample chances, but they abused every one. He did a poll of his readers, and the clear majority finally (even those who initially did not want to) agree that they should be banned.

Anne: I will try to let you know if we end up finding a way to record it and digitalize it. I am also in Paris, but we've got people trying to figure out something for us on the U.S. side so that we can see it, too.


Thanks for posting about this, Jean. I did not, and probably should have. I visit Superfrenchie's blog practically everyday, but seldom comment on it, because there is a clique of lunatics who comment on it regularly, and I have been quasi insulted by one of them before. So, I just lurk, and that's enough for me. I do hope that he and Marc do well. I was not aware that the broadcast had been delayed by one week.


Thanks, Francaise de Coeur, for keeping those living outside of the Fox viewing area posted about dissemniating the broadcast. Now it will be shown a week from today and the segment should be a few minutes longer. O'Reilly called France our "enemy" last evening on TV, so he sounds as virulent in his hatred of France as ever. There can be no doubt about his intentions in inviting Marc and Superfrenchie to his show. Hope Superfrenchie and Marc can remain "zen" in the face of O'Reilly's pathology.


Francaise: I'm one of those people who initially did not want to see them banned; but soon, the "discussion" thread started looking like a public bathroom wall at Gare du Nord!

Elizabeth: some of the stuff on SF's blog pisses me off, too, but what can you do (shrug).

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that Christophe Caron has promised to put a digital version of the Fox online. This is Christophe's blog address


and I'm sure he'll let us know (or Jerome, or SuperF) when the thing is up.

By the way, I've been following Christophe's blog for a while now. He seems like a super nice guy, with a very cool blog in French with all kinds of good tips about life in the US, geek stuff, etc.

Francaise de Coeur

TF: Merci!!! I was desperate to find someone who would digitalize it for us. Thanks for the link. SF and Marc are in a total Catch-22 situation. If they go, they will be attacked. If they don't go, they will be called "cowards" and "chickens" and O'R will get a few laughs at their expense. I do not envy them ONE TINY BIT. I can't even string together two coherent sentences in the face of such lunacy, and they are having to do it in their non-native language, to boot.


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