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Hi Jean !

A fellow Amerloque has always liked is (Marcel) Mouloudji. He was involved in politics and some Resistance stuff, but was more known as a cabaret singer. His recording of Aristide Bruant’s songs is particularly poignant. Mouloudji died in 1994.



I could never, and still can't get into Piaf - her voice drives me beserk. But I like "Mon Manège à Moi." I do not like Aznavour's voice either, but wrote great songs - my opinion is that he should have refrained from performing them.

I loved Jacques Brel - an incredible singer/songwriter/performer. I also kind of liked Gilbert Bécaud. I like the way Jeanne Moreau performs songs, although she is far from being a good singer.

My boyfriend owns a 3-CD collection of French music from the early 60's, and it kills me to listen to it, I feel like I am 11 or 12 years old again.

My current French favorites are, as you probably know, Bénabar, Sanseverino, Thomas Fersen, and the band Mickey 3D.


Amerloque, you are right. I should delve more into Mouloudji's works because I have liked his songs I have come across in compilations, like La Complainte des infideles. Thanks for the tip!

Elisabeth, sounds like you have some baggage associated with this music. There's good nostalgia and bad nostalgia. I have not checked out all your current faves, but undoubtedly will when I get off this retro kick.

Funny thing is, even my students seem to like this stuff. Either that or they are being exceptionally polite about it :-)


Darling, you're inspiring me.

And thanks for all the comments on my blog. You've made my life much brighter this week.



Hi Jean!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. I enjoyed your little discussion (with yourself!) about the older French songs. It's funny, your talking about Charles Aznavour's 'La Boheme', because I just sent it today to someone in Peru as my first taste of what great French music can be! And hot on the heels of that one is certainly, CERTAINLY going to be stuff my Brel, maybe Brassens, and possibly Polnareff (sp?). But alone, Brel is a god, let's face it...

Keep it up!


Just listen "ne me quitte pas" by Brel, if you ever have been in a chagrin d'amour at least one time, that will be your song !!! But hey, there's french rock too, check for Mano Negra for example !!! Very nice blog anyway, you're right to construct at your own rythm. And by the way, I live two streets above fenocchio...;)

Francaise de Coeur

Elisabeth is not the only one driven to a frenzy by Piaf's voice! Beurk...

Cabrel is my all-time fave, but I also love Laurent Voulzy, Gerald De Palmas (who doesn't?) and Sinclair! Talk about groovy.

Oh, and Cheb Mami, Fabulous Troubadours, and Zebda.

I'm afraid my taste in music gives away my penchant for hanging out in the southwest along with my hubby and his fellow Languedoc-ians.

For a bit of nostalgia..."Laura" (Hallyday) or just about anything by crazy Renaud.

Ohhh...and my favorite song, "Il Est Libre Max" (Herve Cristiani) - now, that's an oldy but a goody!

Francaise de Coeur

But dear God, don't come near me with anything Jane Birkin...


I would like to suggest you some band like Noir Désir, Luke, Déportivo, Louise Attaque. These are really good ! :)
So, now you can enjoy "le rock français" ;)

my 2 cents.

Merry Christmas

Francaise de Coeur

Francofile: ernestranglin is right - Noir Desir is great, or were before their lead singer was jailed, anyway.

I particularly like "La Vent Nous Portera" (I think that's the title...)

Anyway, very popular song.

Tomate Farcie

Hello there and thank you for your recent comment on my blog. I have read your posts in the past but I don't think I wrote any comment yet. What I haven't done yet is link your blog and I must remedy this immediately!

* * *

Funny you should bring up the topic of French songs. About Piaf: it's definitely not for everybody and you absolutely have to be in the right mood for it. Sometimes I absolutely cannot listen to it at all, while at other times, I'll gladly play all 250 songs of hers I have in my possession non-stop ... Some of the lyrics that were written for her at the time are absolutely out of this world! But the problem is that much of it is very, very difficult to translate. Charles Aznavour wrote for her "Plus bleu que le bleu de tes yeux" which was a brilliant love song. Piaf helped launch his career but gosh, he was/ is so talented! I could write pages about her life, her songs, and all the people whose careers she contributed to develop so I better stop right here ! One more thing, though: most American people I know have a very hard time listening to Piaf, probably because of the sound of her music. It just doesn't sound good at all to their ears.

The blogger who advised you to listen to Mouloudji is absolutely right. You'd probably love the harmony of his music and the fine lyrics. He was ahead of his time and sort of a pioneer. But I should really stop right here! :-)

(I adore the French "classics" of the 50's and 60's, Brel, Reggiani, Brassens, Aznavour, Yves Montand, etc., etc.)

(By the way, I had just finished writing a post about a song of Piaf about an hour ago, so imagine my surprise seeing her picture up on your blog right now! Also, I have this very same gorgeous picture of Brassai hanging in my bedroom right here in the States! ) :-)

Anyway, thanks for your recent visit, and happy holidays!

PS. Francaise de Coeur: you're correct, but it's "le" vent nous portera :-) I must pay you a visit, too, by the way! :-)


Some of you have given me some serious homework assignments! I will definitely follow up on your recommendations. It's easy to fall behind, especially when it comes to current French rock. Benoit, I hope you take full advantage of your proximity to Fenocchio, which has, in my opinion, THE BEST ICE CREAM ON THE PLANET. I am so envious.


Happy New Year, Madame!

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