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...and the most important resolution : keep your resolutions !!! ;) bonne année !! :)


Those are brilliant resolutions. You're making me feel like an underachiever -- I haven't thought at all about the larger world. 2005 was my "nose in the book of self" year -- maybe 2006 will help me step back and look up and out more often.


Don't feel bad, Michele! It's like Benoit says--for them to mean something, you've got to in fact resolve to keep your resolutions. The loftier ones are harder to fulfill. What if I buy the Hermes bag, but blow off the rest? I may end up wishing I had been more humble and only resolved to remember my vitamins or something. On verra!

By the way, check out Benoit's interesting French-language blog, which I just discovered. It's called Blog-a-part, now bloggrolled on the left.

I should also add that Flare inspired me to make a resolution earlier in the year to take better care of my skin. I have done pretty well with that one so far. Thanks, Flare.


"- try to live day-to-day a little more "a la francaise" "

What do you have in mind: strike or car-burning ? ;-p


Hi Jean !

Bonne Année et Bonne Santé !



Thanks, Amerloque. Same to you. Keep on bloggin'!

Pulsar, the answer to your question can be found in my original post. Out of curiosity--is this how you express YOUR French indentity? :-) Bonne annee!

Smelly Pulsar

"-get outdoors year-round for some fresh air and exercise, even in bad weather" and set a car on fire in case it's too cold ?
Is that what you mean by "the answer of your question can be found in my original post" ?

As far as your curiosity is concerned, I express my French identity by having a shower not more than once a week... ;-p


Happy new year, Jean!
I have basically made no new year's resolution, although I truly need to get myself into some sort of decent exercise regimen.

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