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Hi Jean !

Travel safely et à bientot !



Bon Voyage! Hope you have a great time.


Merci, Voix et 'loque!


T'amusera bien--Je suis jalouse!

Hope you don't mind, I've added your link to my blogs at http://stylaholic.blogspot.com/ and http://nobloodyblogaddressesavailable.blogspot.com/


Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to reading about it when you return!


A recent and refreshing find for me. Great blog, look forward to reading more on your return...

the FrogBlogger


I just found your blog via a blogger who found my own and posted yours, yadda yadda. I'm so happy to have found it and look forward to reading you in the future!

ENjoy France, I'm bound for France in one month and can't wait!



Where are u ????


Hi! I just discovered your blog and found myself nodding along with much of what you're explaining, right down to how my American students in Paris ended up missing the structure of the American university. I'm envious that you can take your students to France so often--I've only been able to do so once (last summer: a month in Grenoble). You sound like a dedicated teacher.

I'm working on a blog about teaching languages to young children via my teaching French to my baby nephew. Would you be kind enough to visit it and share with any friends or colleagues who are raising kids bilingually or interested in sharing ideas about second language acquisition in France?

I hope you've had a wonderful summer! --Sarah


damned where have you gone ?????


I love your blog and your love for the French. Have you ever visited Pierre Herme's Patisserie? If not, could you please do and post pictures!? Thx!!!


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bailey alexander

Let's have a drink at Cafe Flore...


Wow - just refound your blog and a link to my blog, but realised that you haven't posted anything since July 2006... WHAT! I guess you must have gone on to other things... but what? I'd love to know.

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I found your blog on a list of top blog
and you haven't posted anything since July 2006
what happened

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Have a good time... :)

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best of luck for your trip.i love your blog.


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I really enjoyed the blog. The themes are interesting and well written. I'll come back more often.

A hug and even more!


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